Hello! Thanks for the welcome @roadriverrail I'm looking forward to trying this whole Mastodon thing out again. This time in an instance that more aligns with my personal interests and social preferences.

(My last try, in a large instance, did not go particularly well.)

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@seelix Yeah, the local instance here tends to be pretty cozy and is mostly through personal friendship networks. Of course, you can find the whole fediverse through here, but the local group is pretty intimate.

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@seelix Not sure how I missed this a couple days ago! Similarly I've found large instances much harder to get a foothold in. I honestly like that they exist: They were an important first step for me and I assume end up a good home for a lot of users. But I'm really glad that fediverse technology means that we can support smaller servers too. They feel much more like a home or community to me.


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