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Signs & Codes Statement of Intent

Signs & Codes is a private Mastodon instance built around a community of friends. If you know someone and want an account, ask about an invitation. Otherwise please join another or start your own, and we'll usually be happy to federate with you.

We're working on drafting a community standards document. We welcome private or public comment on our goals from our community. When the document is done, we'll post it here. Until then, here's what we want to build.

We want to make space for a consenting community of diverse voices. In particular, we aim to build safety for queer folks, trans folks, non-white folks, sexy picture posters, kinksters, furries, apostates, iconoclasts, community builders, and many more.

There are also things we don't want here. We want to build a space that actively protects our community from outside abuse and works toward equitable resolution of internal conflicts. Makers selling their goods are fine, but we don’t want corporate spam. There are gray areas in those goals, and we’re working within our community to build standards of how to handle those.

  • If you punch, please punch up.
  • This server is hosted inside the United States and we are required to abide by its laws.