Musical endurance challenge: Listen to all of the album "Signs Of Light" by The Head And The Heart without sobbing massively
Status of last attempt: EPIC FAIL, BUT WORTH IT

@roadriverrail Not familiar, I'll have to check it out! Were you aware they're playing The Tabernacle in September?

@epilanthanomai Indeed I am, and I'm looking forward to it and the new album. It's not that they're sad. They're just so honest and tender. The track that's got me today is this one (lyrics in the top comment):

@epilanthanomai For some reason, gentle, comfy, and honest just makes me sob. Not that that's a bad thing.

@roadriverrail Not bad at all! It's what I love about several of my favorite artists, from Mazzy Star to Neko Case to Iron and Wine.


@epilanthanomai I sob uncontrollably at Iron And Wine, too. Like this one, I'm done by the second line of the vocals.

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